Price list:
First consultation in English: 150 PLN (60 min)
Psychotherapy: 150 PLN/session (50 min)
Couple session: 250 PLN (1,5 h)

In order to set up a consultation in my consulting room, please call me on my mobile. I will call you back the same day if I do not answer.

Skype consultation (first one): 150 PLN (60 min)
Skype session: 150 PLN (50 min)

In order to set up a Skype session, you can contact me via email, and I will give you the instructions to follow.


AGNIESZKA GUZOWSKA – “ADIUTA”, ul. Ślaska 12/4, 02-472 Warszawa

Agnieszka Guzowska

Psychologist, psychoterapist, counselor - Warsaw - Włochy District

509 813 384